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    15 years of professional focus, cast is special

  • Company since its inception in 1998, accumulated rich experience in production and research and development, more than 7000 square meters of production workshops, Lin wall R & D, design, production as one...

    Strict perfect quality control system, make product quality more stable

  • Products, materials and processing technology at home and abroad leading, the company has advanced detection technology and complete quality control system, strictly in accordance with ISO9001 international quality certification...

    High quality guaranteed, customer satisfaction and retention

  • Energy saving construction significantly reduces the thermal load equipment of the device for many years to be allowed within the scope permitted by the design.

    The interests of the kind of preferential policies for you

  • Welcome new and old customers to patronize. Lin wall 100% from the perspective of our customers, to maximize the protection of the interests of customers


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On the Japanese company for many years to focus on the research and development, production, application and promotion of energy-saving products for industrial high temperature heating furnace. Active in the petrochemical, iron and steel, ceramic lamp high energy consumption of the industry, for the enterprise energy saving and emission reduction for the benefit of society to make every effort.

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Add:High tech Zone, Suzhou City, Hong Kong Road, No. 458
Tel:0512-62719575  0512-62719575

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